Thursday, 8 November 2012

Beauty Haul (with swatches)

Hey everyone! I know it's been a little while since my last post but I'm back with a beauty haul for you! I went to the Trafford Centre on Monday for a few little bits but I ended up coming back with a few naughty extras which is probably bad seeing as I'm a student and supposed to be living a budgeted lifestyle... Nevertheless this is what I bought:

MAC Studio fix powder + foundation  £20.50
MAC Blot/Pressed Powder  £20.00
MAC Blush in 'Rosy Outlook'  (below)
Kate Moss 107 (below)
Topshop 'Wicked' (below)
Essie 'Sole Mate' (below)
Essie 'Lilacism' £7.99
Nivea Express Hydration Primer £3.99
Bumble & Bumble 50ml Surf Spray £8.50
Origins Super Spot Remover £13.00
Collection 2000 Concealer £3.99
Maybellene Colossal mascara £7.99

MAC Blush 'Rosy Outlook' £19.00
This blush is highly pigmented so you really don't need to apply a lot! It's a very soft and fair  baby pink which looks very natural on the cheeks and is perfect for everyday wear!
Topshop Lipstick 'Wicked' £9 | Kate Moss Matte Lipstick £5.49
They are both very similiar colours but there is a slight difference between them both in colour and in finish. The Kate Moss lipstick is more reddish toned with a matte finish, however after a while black specks start appearing on the bottom lip. I don't know if that is just personal to me but it's not great. But that aside, it's a nice lipstick and I love the colour. So if you were looking for a lipstick of this colour which is also matte, I'd recommend this one because it's relatively inexpensive.

The Topshop lipstick on the other hand is almost £4 more expensive but it definitely applies better.. It's berry toned with more of a satin finish I'd say! The packaging is also really cool so if you're a sucker for nice packaging this one will definitely get you! If you don't mind spending £9 on a lipstick (£8.10 with student discount) and are not a matte fan, I'd recommend it over the Kate Moss one.

The swatches don't quite show both colours accurately, sorry.
Essie 'Sole Mate' £7.99
Perfect for the autumn/winter months as this colour is one of the most popular colours on trend at the moment! It's a very dark 'vampy' colour, almost black but the purple tone is definitely visible.

Just for a heads up, I'm really loving the Bumble and Bumble surf spray and the Nivea Express Hydration primer! The primer is a very light texture so it absorbs into the skin instantly so it's great if you ever wake up 10 minutes late and in a rush. As an added bonus it keeps your face moisturised all day. Hooray! 

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Love  Rebecca xxx


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