Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Topshop: New shoes

So being a student and all I'm supposed to have no money for these kind of treats and also as it's coming up to Christmas I'm supposed to be treating other people... However I've had my eye on these two pairs of shoes for a quite a while and I went in to Topshop with full incentive to by the black April Chelsea Boots (buy here) but surprise surprise they didn't have my size so I was all sad and I just couldn't go on. Then the next day  I checked online to see if they were back in stock and they were so I obviously had to add them to my 'basket' straight away, which is exactly what I did. 

Then I was discussing with my mother how much I also liked the other pair of shoes, the black studded loafers (buy here) and she told me to put them on my Christmas list, which is also what I did for a few hours or so and then eventually I was just like sod it and added them to by basket as well. 

They are both extremely good leather so I can definitely see me getting plenty of use out of them! The loafers can easily be pared with some plain black socks to help keep your feet toasty in these colder months so nothing to worry about! I'm not sure what they will take to rain but we'll see. Nonetheless, they'll both be very easy to style.

Have you got your eye on any new shoes recently?


  1. Lovely shoes! I really wanna get my hands on a pair of leather boots for this winter! <3

  2. I put them on as soon as I got them and they're SO comfy!! Xx

  3. Those chelsea boots are perfect! Ugh!