Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Clearasil Treatment Cream

Okay so I've never really suffered with spots, I've just had the causal couple every know and then. However over the past couple of weeks my face has held multiple spot parties in ONE particular area (my chin) so within reason I've been getting pretty annoyed. I'm very unsure of my skin type, it's normal (I'd say) on my cheeks but then oily around my t-zone so yeah...

I was looking at the facial aisles in Superdrug and there was a huge selection but I opted for this one. You're supposed to apply a thin layer directly onto spots every morning and every night. So that is what I did.

Much to my amazement IT ACTUALLY WORKS (hallelujah). I've had this cream for about 3 days and  I now swear by it.  My spots have significantly reduced and all red areas also. 

SO if you do suffer with spots then I highly recommend this product:
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream! Retailing at £6.49

Hope this helps! X


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